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Kitten Nursery Coming Soon!

CMACC is diligently working to create a fully functioning kitten nursery in the glass room at the front of the building that used to be cat condo 1. Currently awaiting building services to take down existing structures, paint the walls and assemble cabinets. We have most of everything needed for the set up, and what they do not have is on the way.

There will be a mixture of staff, foster parents and volunteers manning the kitten nursery, so lots of foster parents and volunteers are needed! If there aren’t enough foster parents, volunteers and staff then the nursery will fail and we won’t be able to save as many lives.

Times volunteers are needed: from 6am-12am

Times Staff are needed 6am-2am

Those volunteers/foster parents that are at CMACC outside of normal operating hours will check in with an on duty staff member and check out. This will ensure no one gets locked in at night and there are no unexpected surprises. We will need staff from 6am-2am. The kittens will only be alone between the hours of 2am and 6am. The other 20 hours of the day they should have someone checking on them every 2-3 hours.

Volunteers and staff will need to be trained to bottle feed, if not already trained. There are the two bottle feeding classes being taught by Susan Spaulding on 03/8 at 6PM and 03/18 at noon. If you want to participate with the nursery and can’t attend these dates please let me know and I will arrange other training.

Taking care of the kittens involves feeding, cuddling, cleaning them, helping them to use the bathroom, and overall up keep of the nursery. We are hoping to house up to 20 kittens at a time.

We have been lucky with KMR and Fancy feast donations, but if you know anyone looking to give to animals those are our top two needs, third is Royal Canin mother/baby cat in 3.5 pound bags.

Trisha Lopez
Veterinary Technician Supervisor
Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department
Animal Care & Control Division

Published February 18,2017