Charlotte, NC

Hotline: 704-348-1578


Volunteer with Friends of Feral Felines


What can I do to help feral cats in my area and Friends of Feral Felines?

Without the continued involvement of the Charlotte metro community, Friends of Feral Felines would be unable to continue our work to prevent the suffering of feral cats. We have the following immediate needs:

  • Become an FFF volunteer!!! Help with mailings, stuffing envelopes, newsletters, fundraisers, our Christmas book wrap, and other special activities. Please call our hotline 704-348-1578 or e-mail us with your areas of interest.
  • Sterilize feral and stray cats in your neighborhood. Please call our hotline at 704-348-1578 to find out more information about how to get started with spay/neuter.
  • Farms or land for relocation of sterilized and vaccinated cats for rodent control or country living. Food, water, and shelter will need to be provided for the cats. This is always an urgent need, since there are always cats in danger that need to be relocated.
  • Donations to FFF are always needed to help our cause.  Donations are tax-deductible.
  • Donate dry or canned food or other items on our wish list.
  • Volunteers with vans or trucks to help transport cats to and from the vet, and to pick up and deliver food and other donated items, such as doghouses to use as cat shelters.
  • Caretakers for several colonies, including Pineville, all areas of Charlotte, and the town of Albemarle. Caretakers in other areas may also be in need of help.
  • Substitute caretakers as needed to fill in for caretakers due to vacations, sickness, etc.
  • Foster parents for feral kittens. This will involve taming the kittens so they are adoptable. Alley Cat Allies has articles on socializing feral kittens that can tell you what is involved.
  • Use your Food Lion MVP Card to help raise money for feral cats.

  • Become educated about feral cats, and inform others.

If you can help with any of these needs, please contact us