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Feral Angel Cat Clinics

Reducing the feral cat population through high-volume, low-cost spay/neuter clinics

Feral Angel Cat Clinic Updates

Friends of Feral Felines kicked off our efforts to help feral cats in the community with the greater Charlotte area’s first spay/neuter clinic for feral cats on January 18, 2003.  Eighteen more feral cats and kittens joined our ever-growing ranks of cats altered, tested, vaccinated, and released through our successful program.

Although the first clinic in January was small in comparison to our eventual goal for regular clinics, every feral cat that is spayed or neutered is a step toward reducing the feral cat population in Charlotte.  Combined with our ongoing spay/neuter appointments with participating veterinarians in the area, the clinics will allow us to better reduce growth of the feral cat population, as well as provide a great benefit to the community. 

Our second next high-volume, low-cost spay/neuter clinic for feral cats and kittens was held on February 23rd in the University Area.  Over 50 feral cats and kittens were spayed and neutered, making this our largest clinic to date!

Over 200 cats were sterilized at the six feral cat clinics held in 2003, and our strong commitment to holding more clinics resulted in an additional six feral cat clinics in 2004.  We welcome and encourage more veterinary clinics to sponsor at least one clinic a year.

Friends of Feral Felines would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all the veterinarians, veterinary staff, and lay volunteers who helped to make the Feral Angel Cat Clinics a success.

To schedule an appointment at our upcoming clinics, please call our hotline at 704-348-1578.  Please note that the clinic is for feral cats onlyand tame housecats or strays will not be accepted at this clinic.  

Although the clinics are successful in achieving our goal of the spay/neuter of a large number of feral cats at one time, we have a wonderful network of local veterinarians who work with us to spay/neuter feral cats at greatly reduced rates.  Please do not delay in getting feral cats in your area “fixed” – call our hotline today to schedule a vet appointment for spay/neuter of feral cats in your area (phone volunteers can discuss spay/neuter options other than the clinic).

Guidelines for Clinic Appointments:

  • Clinics are for feral cats only .
  • Tame homeless cats or kittens are not eligible for the clinic.  Call our hotline to discuss options for spay/neuter of tame homeless cats, or look in our “Local Low Cost Clinics” section for help with spay/neuter of adoptable cats or kittens.
  • Reservations for a cat must be made in advance.  If you do not have a reservation, you will be turned away.
  • You may only bring the number of cats agreed upon at the time of reservation.  Additional cats will be turned away.
  • The cat must arrive at the clinic in a humane trap, in order to ensure the safely of the cat and the clinic volunteers.  Cats brought in carriers will be turned away.
  • All cats spayed or neutered at the clinic will have their left ear clipped 1/8 to 1/4 inch for identification.


One of our greatest needs is a facility at which to hold future high-volume clinics, as we hope to make the clinics a regular event.  Please contact Friends of Feral Felines if you would like to volunteer to help in our search for a facility!