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Wish List

Friends of Feral Felines Wish List

  • Monetary donations for spay/neuter/vaccination of local feral cats.

  • Dry and/or canned food needed for caretakers feeding large feral cat colonies.

  • Bath towels, sheets, etc., to use for covering traps to reduce the cat’s stress level and for use during recovery after surgery.

  • Medium size dog carriers (cat carriers are too small) for recovery of cats after spay/neuter surgery.

  • Humane traps (such as raccoon traps) to use during the trapping process.

  • Pet enclosures to confine cats during the relocation process.

  • Volunteers – more help is always needed in many areas!

  • Land or farms to relocate feral cats in need.  Feral cats make great barn cats and help control the rodent population!

  • Printing services – professional printer needed for our quarterly newsletter and our brochure.  All money we save on printing costs could instead be used for spay/neuter of feral cats.

  • Office supplies – postage scale (for our eBay fundraiser), 11×17 white paper (for our newsletter), 8 1/2 x 14 colored paper (for our brochures).

  • Cat-related items and crafts (newly made or gently used) to sell at cat shows as a fundraiser.

  • Items to sell as part of our eBay fundraiser.  Items must be in excellent condition and easy to ship (not too large).  Collectible items and famous name brand items sell very well.

  • Caretaker desperately needed in the town of Albemarle area to assist the current caretaker with an existing colony.  Help is needed to feed, trap, and transport cats.  Donated cat food is also greatly needed.

  • Foster homes for feral kittens.  Volunteers needed to aid in the socialization and future adoption of kittens.  Please note that FFF is not an adoption agency, so we must rely on working with other local animal rescue organizations to get socialized kittens into an adoption program.

  • Please check back for more FFF needs in the future

How can I help feral cats?